Local Leader Network

About Us

Local Leader Network (LLN) is a Not-For-Profit organisation focused on creating
sustainable, resilient and inclusive multicultural communities. Our work encompasses
the alignment of community projects against the globally recognised and highly regarded
United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
Local Community based projects are identified, developed and aligned to the appropriate United Nation SDGs.
We then create and capture live video sessions, or studio quality video content, to create an
online web based broadcasting platform for distribution to local communities.
Metrics are produced to highlight the impact each project creates for the community,
environment and the ecosystem.

Community Interests

tick Social Neighbourhood

Share a common vision for community, environment and the ecosystem by adopting the United Nation SDGs.

tick Virtual Village

Reach out to the local community for the development and creation of online 'village' style inclusive ecosystems.

tick Functional Communities

Harness strong interest groups as role models in identifying and implementing functional community projects.


We need your help

We seek ideas to convert into multicultural content

Communities thrive when local ideas are communicated and
presented by multimedia (video, audio etc) content into
readily accessible online distribution channels.

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Commitment to Care

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Care for Community

Increasing local community based engagement for projects relating to health and wellbeing, education, economic growth, social environment, employment and good, strong and reliable governance.

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Care for Neighbourhood

Make neighbourhoods inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by undertaking local natural environmental projects that are structured, for local people and by local people.

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Care for Stakeholders

Improve awareness, implementation and monitoring towards social connection and inclusion by creating and distributing real-time, online broadcasting of relevant community based content.

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